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The Aviary

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A Tapestry

Friends, here we are, months later and it feels perhaps like it has been years. If we could all gather around the table and share stories of how life has changed, perhaps the gift is that life has changed us. That we ourselves will never be the same. That this is the year we tell the truth.  This is the year we understand what empathy is. To hear and see the stories of those around us with clarity.. We begin to see the tapestry being woven before us. Sometimes it is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. And sometimes all we can see are its flaws. But if we never see the flaws we won't change, and change is where the growth comes. 2020 has to be a year of change. We have to grow. We have to begin again.  This Spring when the world went into a collective quarantine the volunteers and board members of Goldfinch Cafe were busy coming alongside other nonprofits in the community like Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry and Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry doing the work that needed to be done, and helping them. All the while thinking and planning what was next for Goldfinch...

Aviary a place where birds are kept safe, find refuge

It's an interesting time to be launching The Aviary, a collection of stories from the community of Goldfinch Cafe.  But if I am honest, I can't think of a better time. We are all here, together gathered in our homes, sheltering in place, anticipating to be around the table again. If I could look each of you in the eyes and give you a hug, I would. What we are walking through is something most of us have never been asked to do. To collectively experience loss, pain, grief is hard and weighs heavy on us all. And yet still, we look around and see the community rise. Bringing joy with driveby birthday parties, supporting local small businesses,  moving houseless neighbors into hotels, volunteering at food pantries, chalking walkways, virtual concerts and countless other ways we have seen the compassion of this community come to the forefront. When we look back at this time period who will we say told the story? Who was the narrator? I think the narrator is empathy. I think we are understanding, some of us for the first time, that we belong to each other. That we need each other. That when all is said and...